Because Liberals know so much that isn't so.

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59 views08/22/15 at 13:16Buster:
let the libtards figure it out50 views08/19/15 at 06:38Buster: Liberalism 101 -- If the facts don't fit your...
Unborn babies have replaced slaves as to what doesn't constitute as life to modern day Democrats. 49 views07/30/15 at 16:51Buster: Democrats loved their slaves now love their dead b...
General Carter Ham was on way to save 4 Americans in Benghazi Who told a 4 star General to "STAND DOWN"?88 views02/03/15 at 04:15Buster:
Really??? Shouldn't it say "breathe"??83 views12/10/14 at 22:12Buster: They've been grubbered!
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